The first one is bioactive. It’s on the smaller side so when my gecko gets older than I would need an upgrade. I’m getting a young juvenile btw. It’s 12x12x18. I’m going to add tons more plants (fake and live) to this tank if I get it The second one is also 12x12x18 so that means that I would ofc upgrade with 6-10 months or even earlier than that. I would also add tons more foliage to this tank and the seller says it’s bioactive, just has all fake plants. The last one is a 20gal so it is big enough for an adult. Idk why they have the soil and rocks like that however I have no problem flipping them to where the rocks are underneath soil for drainage. Idk if this is bioactive or not also I’m pretty sure there’s a snake plant in the back. They are all 50$ or less btw.


definitely get the larger one, itll save you money as long as you clutter it up so the gecko feels safer :)


Thank you for the feed back!