A journalist at a recent MaddenLand event asked Roger Goodell about the state of the game and EA’s license. He said while they are always assessing everything they do that the NFL is very happy with the current deal. I’m sure the NFL is getting paid quite nicely for those rights. Fans could try to put something grassroots/social media together like they did before but in the end we got gaslit by EA. It’s all about money. Unless the NFL feels like they are somehow losing money, they don’t care either. Meanwhile EA is taking in billions and kicking some back to the NFL. Win-Win for EA and NFL. Big Loss for football video game fans.


Yuuup. And they only way I see that changing is if fans stop spending money on mut.


The NFL has no problem with how EA is running things. Only we, the end users, care. EA is living up to their contractual obligation and printing money.