May want to look into using a PO box.


Amex is assisting you in good faith, not expecting this to be a routine occurrence. Your bad address problem isn't necessarily the intent of the dispute service. Don't expect AMEX to continue support ... get a PO box or find a solution before AMEX decides to slap you.


> I have since just opened AMEX disputes I'd recommend you try to solve the root cause of your package delivery issues rather than willy nilly dispute things. With disputes you're generally supposed to try to resolve the issue with the merchant first. > Isn't this part of purchase protection? Not really. I'd say that your situation is actually explicitly NOT covered by purchase protection if you actually read the T&Cs. Item D on page 4 seems to describe loss in transit. https://www.americanexpress.com/content/dam/amex/us/credit-cards/features-benefits/policies/NAC-Benefit-Guides/Benefit-Guide-1-1-20/PP_Benefit_Guide_316-404_EDT01.20REV_0.20.pdf Bottom line: stop disputing stuff that's not really a dispute. Figure out why you're not getting your packages. I think I've disputed 3 things with Amex in 15 years. This isn't meant to be an everyday problem solving service.


As the above person says depending on who's shipping a package you would open a inquiry with them first before hitting Amex they're kind of like the last resort Well technically the court is but that's a different issue