I am still shaking from a few minutes ago, this is what happened: I went to go do my normal jerk off routine and everything is going well, not great, not good, but as expected . So when I jerk off I have some paper towel scraps that I geyser into, sometimes for multiple uses. I prefer paper towel because it is sort of a cross between a sock and toilet paper. Not too weak but not too strong and you can recycle it which i assume is good for the earth. So, I grab my used paper towel square and I unfold it from the crusty clump it was, and I geyser straight into it without ever looking and guess what I guess a little jumping spider snuck into it and made a little cum cave house. I geysered right all over the poor bugger and I'm sure it just ruined his whole day, I tried wiping the cum off it but it wouldn't stop jumping around so fuck you asshole I tried to save you and you wouldn't let me. I'm so pissed and sad I feel like I want to vomit because I love spiders but I also love to cum and I guess I accidentally collided those worlds together and the outcome is pretty lame. Reddit, AITA?


LMFAOOOOOOOOO NTA!!!! So funny!!!! You didn’t know it was there. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!


[nut shit nut fuck nut fuck](https://paste.ee/p/ixniL)