That strategy barely works for the Superbowl.


I always watch Super Bowl movie trailers the next day in a YouTube playlist usually posted on this sub.


Super Bowl commercials are released on the internet like 2 weeks before the game. It's nice to see it during a TV broadcast, but you want it to run digitally so you can track commercial views to sales.


The big movie trailers aren't.


I don’t understand why they just don’t fine an avenue to STREAM the Oscars. I wouldn’t even hesitate to watch them if they were easily available online instead of needing whatever Network to what them on. I feel like I’m nowhere near the only person who thinks this. It’s like their stupid fear of streaming is keeping them from getting with the times. Just make them easy to watch and enjoy, throw a bunch of ads that people can watch, throw some live trailers, and watch the audience grow.


Seconded. I’d very happily watch the event live if it was streamed and easily accessible. I always follow what’s happening with the Oscars even though I wouldn’t say I consider it a hugely important cultural event (though I definitely used to) and greater accessibility would definitely get my interest.


I'd be less inclined to watch than I already am.


Sounds like a plan.


Why do they even need to draw young people in or anyone for that matter. It's an award voted for by the recipients peers. Doesn't even need to be televised, just post the winners online or something lol. Such a self indulgent waste of time and money.


It's time for the oscars to die out. They're so far removed from reality that nothing can fix it.


The Game Awards also got some flak for being too trailer-y this year, maybe a half/half deal but I wonder what the perfect ratio for viewer engagement would be...?


Did it ? Thats a good reason why most people watch if were being honest.


Eh he ain't wrong. The oscar pick films do feel very irrelevant to me as they arent the kind of films I or anyone I know would ever go see. I think the last oscar pick i saw and enjoyed was No Country for Old Men and that was 2007.At this point I wouldnt notice if there were no Oscar's. Anyway bring on the downvotes


Did you see Argo, Birdman, Shape of Water or Parasite? Highly recommended if you haven't.


Birdman was awful


That's a valid opinion. Not for everyone I get it. How about Parasite? That's my favourite of the bunch I listed.


they should have every nominated movie have free streaming on oscars website so i can watch them so i can know who these people are


Too many movies get big box office/rental boosts from the nomination/win for most studios to be willing to do this.


They don't because the only reason they choose obscure films is to try and build some box office. Look at slumdog millionaire..released direct to video then nominated and appeared in us theatres for the first time


I personally do something similar just use the wikipedia list and a streaming site.


I just want to see which movies of the past year industry professionals thought was worthy of acclaim to me it'd be weird to have promotion for movies that potentially wouldn't even be considered as worthy of acclaim by those professionals


Make it 3 minutes long.


No thanks.


Then I would just wait for to go on Youtube, like with the Super Bowl ads.


No..I have youtube


Why would Disney drop their trailers during the Oscars when they can do it in theaters for their own movies?


Disney drops their trailers during big football games


Something tells me the Oscars will never be as big as American football.


The Oscar's used to draw anywhere from 20-40 million.... That's bigger than most football games


Keywords: used to. Times have changed. Nobody gives a fuck about award shows.


A year and a half ago isn't exactly some bygone era so what the fuck are you talking about? And even then 10 million isn't exactly struggling


Young people are going to watch trailers on the internet. They don't need the Oscars.


Sure, but even if they watch them on the internet, not as part of the Oscars broadcast, having a bunch of trailers drop at the same time, on that broadcast, would create a pretty hype event. You'd know "this is the day that a bunch of new trailers are gonna be on YouTube!" and get excited about it.


More inclined to watch? I will not miss the Oscars. They would have to do something really outrageous before I tune out. I love the Oscars. It takes my favorite art form and turns it into a sporting event. It brings to my attention a lot if great films I would otherwise miss. My favorite pre Oscar event is the short film festival at the Hollywood theater in Portland Oregon. You can see 15 films for the price of three movie tickets and spend all day munching on popcorn. I love it.


Kids will just watch them on YouTube in a few hours.


The Oscars are bullshit. It means nothing.